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  • What types of training programs do you offer?
    We offer training for dogs of all ages and of all skill levels. From years of experience, we know that there is no "one size fits all" approach to training. Each training is tailored to your dog's individual needs.
  • How long does each training session last?
    Most training sessions lasts one hour although this can vary depending on the training option you select.
  • Can I attend the training sessions with my dog?
    Yes, we absolutely want you to attend training sessions. You are critical to your dog's success. Owners participate in all weekly private sessions. If you sign up for Puppy Headstart or the Day School program, some of the training sessions are done without you and some are done with you. We are training the dogs and coaching the owners.
  • What kind of behavioral issues can you help with?
    At our dog training program, we address a wide range of behavioral issues, tackling everything from basic obedience to more complex challenges. Our approach is highly personalized, taking into account the unique needs of your dog to ensure effective and tailored solutions for their behavior concerns.
  • How much does a training session cost?
    The cost of training depends on the training program you select. Visit our web pages describing each service and the associated cost.
  • What is your experience and qualifications as a dog trainer?
    At Unleashed Abilities, our team of experienced dog trainers brings a wealth of qualifications and expertise to ensure the best training experience for you and your dog. Owner Keri has 15 years of training experience, including training service dogs. She has completed the Therapy Dog Certification program at Therapy Dogs, Inc. Keri has trained Stephanie and Hayley, who both possess extensive experience in the field. We are proud of our consistently five-star Google reviews, which highlight the satisfaction of our customers and reflect the quality of our training services at Unleashed Abilities.
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