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dachsunds receive basic dog training in northern va park




At this crucial stage of your dog's development, your dog faces unique challenges and adjustments. With our expert guidance and tailored approach, we'll help you navigate this important phase, ensuring a smooth transition from puppyhood to adulthood. 

Our professional, CCPDT-certified trainers serve Northern Virginia including Falls Church, Lake Barcroft, Arlington, Annandale, Vienna, Alexandria & Fairfax.

dog with flower in mouth in front of fairfax va fence

Initial Consultation 

This is where it all starts for all dogs over six months of age. This one-hour session includes an assessment, helpful strategies for immediate concerns, and a plan for success. Following this session, you will receive a written summary of everything we learned about you and your dog along with a suggested Plan of Action to help you achieve your goals.

  • Includes one 60-Minute owner coaching session (owner, trainer, and dog)

  • Price: $150

Basic Fundamentals

This program specifically addresses the needs of the adolescent to young adult dog. Maybe you did some puppy training when your dog was very young. That’s great! But now it’s time to step it up a notch, as the expectations and techniques we used when your dog was a baby need to be modified to address this new developmental stage. This program is also appropriate for dogs and owners with no formal training. At this level, we want to: raise our expectations, introduce a more structured approach to walking, focus on a more reliable recall, build a longer down stay, and extinguish any leftover naughty puppy behaviors.


There are two options for the Basic Fundamentals program: DIY Weekly Sessions and Day School. These options are described below.

two dogs happy after a training run from annandale to lake barcroft
dog pretending to read book in alexandria va obedience school

Basic Fundamentals: DIY Weekly Sessions

The DIY program puts YOU in the driver’s seat. The DIY option is for owners who want to learn right alongside their dog. In this five-week program, we will help you build a positive foundation with your dog, and we’ll teach YOU how to teach your own dog. You’ll learn how to improve your ability to understand your dog and communicate effectively to help your dog be successful. Sessions are held once a week with homework after each session to help you learn to organically incorporate the new skills into your everyday life.


Skills introduced will include, but are not limited to:

o Habit of attention

o Polite walking/Heel

o Wait

o Sit

o Down

o Stay

o Come

  • Includes six 1-Hour owner coaching sessions (owner, trainer, and dog)

  • Price: $925*

Basic Fundamentals: Day School 

Do you have an unruly dog who could really use some training? Are you super busy with work, family, or other dogs? Day School is the perfect option for well-meaning dog owners who just have too much on their plate. A trainer will come to your home to work with your dog, without you, for a customized number of days, teaching your dog all of their basic skills. Your trainer and dog will practice their skills in your neighborhood and at local parks. These school days are one-on-one training time for your dog while you are off doing your thing!


Then, there are owner coaching sessions that are specifically for YOU. This is where the trainer will help you improve your skills and teach you how to communicate with your dog in a clear and simple way. You will have required homework after each owner coaching session.

Skills introduced will include, but are not be limited to:

o Habit of attention

o Polite walking

o Wait

o Sit

o Down

o Stay

o Come

  • Includes twelve 1- hour private tutoring sessions spread out over 4 weeks (trainer and dog)

  • Four 1-Hour owner coaching sessions (owner, trainer, and dog)

  • Price: $2450*

stunning white dog in arlington va park with toy in mouth

* No refunds are offered on training packages, and all classes must be taken within six months of the date of the first session.

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