Puppy Kindergarten

puppy kindergarten classes

Unleashed Abilities is fortunate to partner with Krisers pet store in Falls Church. We are proud to offer you a positive opportunity for early and safe socialization and training for your new puppy. Our intimate classes (no more than six dogs) allow your puppy to have off-leash play time with other puppies, socialization with friendly strangers, and experience new sights and sounds. We weave in the foundations of learning including sit, down, stay, come, place, leave it and leash skills. You will learn to improve your communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), refine your technique and approach your dog with a quiet, calm confidence. Positive for you, positive for your puppy! This program is for dogs ages 12-20 weeks.

Classes are currently held on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as on Sunday evenings. If you are looking for more a more personalized training schedule, please visit our Private Dog Training page.

All dogs must have first and second round of puppy vaccinations.

Six Weeks: $210