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Haylery, Unleashed Abillities' dog behaviorist

Hayley recently joined Unleashed Abilities after working as a Dubai-based ‘Force Free’ Dog trainer and Behavior consultant from 2012-2022.


Throughout this time, Hayley worked together with vet clinics, rescue shelters, animal sanctuaries, dog daycares, kennels and families alike helping to both improve dogs' quality of life and manage unwanted dog behaviors using modern science-based methods. A proud member of the Pet Professional Guild, Hayley uses exclusively positive methods (“No Pain, No force, No fear”).  

After completing her studies at COAPE in ‘Canine Health and Welfare’ and ‘Training and Behavior’, Hayley completed her Advanced Diploma in ‘Canine Behaviour Management’ through the Compass College of Canine Studies. 

In 2016, Hayley obtained a further Diploma specializing in ‘Canine Aggression’ at the same institute together with her ‘Dog Bite Safety Advisor’ and ‘Be a Tree’ (Dog Child Safety Advisory) certificates from Doggone Safe. 


Since then, Hayley has worked with various organizations and countless families to both prevent and manage unwanted and potentially dangerous behaviors in dogs.


Throughout her career, Hayley has worked with Vet clinics, Groomers and Kennels alike to implement ‘Fear Free’ and low bite-risk handling policies.  


Hayley has implemented and managed Doggie Daycare socialization policies as well as environmental management in Kennels, Shelters and Vet clinics contributing to Kennel stress.  She has implemented enrichment programs for long term shelter and hospitalized animals (including exotics).  


As a Dog-child safety advisor, Hayley loves working with families to safely integrate puppies or newly adoptive dogs with children in the home and navigate common problems such as jumping up, mouthing, food snatching, etc.


Hayley has also worked directly with school-age children teaching safe ‘Dog manners’ and ‘Be a Tree’ classes.  She has worked with countless families with dogs who plan to expand their families, ensuring the smoothest and safest transition.  


Though Hayley’s specialization is in dog training and rehabilitation, Hayley has used her clicker training skills to trick train multiple pets and even a few exotic animals.   Just ask her about that chicken!

humorous picture of a dog calling Unleashed Abillities



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