Doggy Day School

Doggie Day School is geared towards owners who want us to do more of the work for them. We work with your dog (without you) multiple times each day and then teach you how to communicate effectively to get the behaviors you want.

Dogs in Day School will work with the trainer Monday-Friday with 3 hours of training each day as well as the possibility of play time with other polite dogs and much needed nap time. All skills will be practiced in a variety of environments including the trainers house, local parks and shopping areas with lots of distractions.

There are two options for Day School:

One Week Program: Includes minimum of 2 owner sessions
Two Week Program: Includes minimum of 4 owner sessions

The recommended training collar for this program is a remote training collar, also know as an e-collar. This is an effective and gentle tool that can help your dog learn commands quickly and comply consistently. An e-collar gives us the opportunity to touch the dog at a distance. It is the best tool for off leash skills such as recall (come). More information about e-collars are available on our e-touch training page.

Skills Included
• Attention
• Loose leash walking
• Sit stay
• Down stay
• Come
• Place
• Also includes resolution of problem behaviors such as jumping, mouthing and nuisance barking

All dogs must be approved for this program.
The schedule will be customized to meet your needs.
Free pick-up and drop-off service available within a limited range.
Longer Day School Programs can be created as needed to achieve desired goals.

We give your dog lots of practice and repetition so you don’t have to.
We do more of the work, so you can do less.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

• All training packages come with our Unleashed Satisfaction Guarantee.
• In some instances, owner may request switching commands listed for different commands. This will be done at the trainers discretion.
• All programs include strategies for problem behaviors such as jumping, barking and chewing.
• Training equipment includes special collars, leashes, place boards, and remote training devices.