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At this crucial stage of your dog's development, your dog faces unique challenges and adjustments. With our expert guidance and tailored approach, we'll help you navigate this important phase, ensuring a smooth transition from puppyhood to adulthood. Our Middle School program improves walking, recall, stay, and eliminates unwanted behaviors.

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Initial Consultation
(Phone or Zoom)

  • Start with a comprehensive one-hour session that includes behavioral and skills assessment, strategies for immediate concerns, and a customized plan of action.

  • Price: $150

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Basic Fundamentals: DIY
Weekly Sessions

  • A five-week program where you learn alongside your dog, building a positive foundation for growth and improving communication.

  • Includes five 1-hour owner coaching sessions.

  • Price: $875*

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Basic Fundamentals:
Day School

  • Ideal for busy owners, a trainer works with your dog while you focus on your commitments.

  • Eight 2-hour school days spread over 2-3 weeks for your dog, combined with four 1-hour owner coaching sessions.

  • Price: $2275*

*No refunds are offered on training packages, and all classes must be completed within six months of the first session.

What issues do we address in Middle School?

Boundary Testing

Adolescent dogs often push boundaries and test their limits as they go through their development. Training helps establish and reinforce rules, boundaries, and limitations, teaching them self-control and appropriate behavior.

Jumping and Excitement

Adolescent dogs tend to exhibit excessive excitement and may jump on people as a way of greeting or seeking attention. Training focuses on teaching them proper greeting behavior, such as sitting calmly, instead of jumping, ensuring polite and controlled interactions.

Resource Guarding

Adolescent dogs may develop resource guarding behavior, where they become possessive or aggressive when it comes to their food, toys, or other valued objects. Training addresses this issue by teaching dogs to share and relinquish items willingly, promoting positive associations with people approaching their resources, and ensuring a safe and harmonious environment for both the dog and their human family members.

Leash Reactivity

Some adolescent dogs may develop leash reactivity, displaying excessive barking, lunging, or aggressive behavior towards other dogs or stimuli while on a leash. Training helps address this issue by teaching them impulse control, redirecting their attention, and promoting positive associations with other dogs or triggers.

Recall Reliability

As adolescent dogs gain independence and explore their surroundings, their recall (coming when called) may become less reliable. Training focuses on reinforcing recall commands and teaching them that returning to their owner is rewarding, ensuring they can be safely and effectively called back in different environments.

Distraction and Focus

Adolescent dogs may struggle with maintaining focus and obedience, particularly in distracting environments. Training aims to strengthen their ability to concentrate, follow commands, and ignore distractions, enhancing their responsiveness in various situations.


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