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Polish up your dog's skills to improve response speed and accuracy, even in distracting environments. Out training aims to reinforce existing commands and provide increased freedom while improving skills. 

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Initial Consultation
(Phone or Zoom)

  • Available for clients residing outside our driving range.

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Price: $150

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Advanced Training Program:
DIY Weekly Sessions

  • Customized programs for extreme behavioral problems including aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety. Please reach out for more information.

  • Includes five 1-hour owner coaching sessions.

  • Price: $875

*No refunds are offered on training packages, and all classes must be completed within six months of the first session.

What issues do we address in
Behavior Modification training?

Recall Reliability

E-collar training is often promoted as a way to improve the dog's recall (coming when called) reliability, even in distracting environments. The electronic stimulation or vibration can serve as a cue or reminder for the dog to respond to the recall command.

Off-Leash Control

E-collar training is sometimes employed to achieve off-leash control over the dog. The stimulation or vibration from the collar is used as a means of providing feedback and reinforcing commands, allowing the dog to be controlled from a distance.

Aggression or Reactivity

E-collar training proponents argue that it can be effective in addressing aggression or reactivity issues in dogs. The collar is used as a corrective tool to interrupt unwanted behaviors and redirect the dog's focus or discourage aggression.

Boundary Training

E-collars are sometimes used in boundary training to teach dogs to stay within a specific area. The electronic stimulation serves as a deterrent, discouraging the dog from crossing predetermined boundaries.

Destructive Behavior

E-collar training is claimed to be effective in curbing destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture or excessive digging. The collar's stimulation or vibration can be used to interrupt and redirect the dog's attention away from destructive behaviors.

Off-Limit Areas

E-collar training can be utilized to teach dogs to avoid certain areas, such as gardens or restricted zones. The collar provides a negative stimulus when the dog approaches or enters these areas, discouraging them from doing so in the future.


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